Suggested Care Instructions

If handled properly, these pieces are intended to last many lifetimes, like treasured family heirlooms.

  • It is recommended to hand wash your pieces and avoid the microwave.

  • The dishwasher may, over time, dull the sheen of the glaze and increase the chances of chipping the rim when loading and unloading.

  • As with any handmade pottery, avoid leaving it in a sink of water, which will seep into any exposed clay. If a piece - that has trapped water in it - is microwaved, it may crack.

  • Occasionally, ceramics can fracture from thermal shock, especially if the mug is cold to the touch. To avoid this possibility, fill your cup or mug with hot tap water and warm it up for a minute before adding boiling water. NOTE: we test every mug that goes out by adding boiling water to an unheated mug and letting it sit for an hour, to check for leakage.

  • For the crystal pieces I would suggest refraining from all microwave and dishwasher use to preserve the crystal.

Also, if you ever accidentally break a piece send me a picture of it and I will send you a 25% off code for your next purchase


For any Wholesale Inquires please send a message to me with your specific needs and I will get back to you with availability, pricing, and samples. 


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